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Lending Tree is an online lending platform that provides borrowers with the best possible loan deals. In just a few minutes, they can provide several offers from multiple lenders to help compare options easier. This allows borrowers to take advantage of lenders’ competition for business. You’ll get better rates, loan amounts, and terms even when you have a low credit score. Borrowers are given a solution that can empower them whatever the circumstances are. Read More

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Credible is a personal loan brokerage service that offers services to individuals with high credit ratings who need to finance a huge purchase, consolidate debt, or set up a business. Using Credible to compare lenders and rates is offered for free. As an online loan broker, Credible offers free and fast initial responses to anyone who needs a loan but doesn’t know how to start the process. Read More

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Bankrate is not a loan provider. The company was established in 1976 and is headquartered in New York City. Red Ventures acquired Bankrate in 2017. It’s a website focused on personal finance that provides resources on loans and other finance-related topics. They have resources on banking, credit cards, mortgages, loans, insurance, retirement, home equity, and more. The personal loan rates section details the factors that affect their list of the top loan providers. Read More

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LoansUnder36 is a lending platform that works with a network of over 100 lenders and aims to provide customers with credit history a resolution to their financial problems in an easy way. Their term of payment ranges from extremely short to very long one. With the use of LoansNDER36’s simple software, customers can easily locate a match in seconds, which also eliminates complicated bureaucracy. LoansUnder36 is ideal for all types of lenders due to its quick matching process. Read More

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LightStream provides access to unsecured personal loans amounting to up to $100,000, an amount higher than what most lenders typically offer. APRs vary depending on the purpose of the loan in addition to the borrower’s financial profile, but the limitations on the purposes are few. Their flexible terms and low APR are highly attractive but they are only offered to individuals with stellar credit scores. Read More

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Placing third in the United States’ largest federal credit union, PenFed offers its customers a diverse choice of personal loans that reach up to $50,000. Even with a soft credit check, customers can still pre-qualify with their personal loan applications. In addition to this, the lending company does not charge borrowers with any prepayment or origination fees. A credit score of 690 or greater is usually preferred upon borrowing. However, PenFed does not specify any required minimum number of credit scores for its customers. Read More

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5kfunds is a loan marketplace where it bridges people looking for a reputable lending network. It provides an easy way to finance expenses such as fulfilling life projects and vacations reasonably and quickly, avoiding complicated procedures and hassle bureaucracy. 5kfunds gives back the advantages to customers through a simple online pre-qualify form, since it competes with other lenders in a modern marketplace. Read More

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Getting a loan at LendingPoint is very accessible for people who have average or poor credit or those that are working to restore their credit. Their personal loans only require a short funding time and have a two to five-year repayment period. Read More