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Credible is the best! Everything about Credible is great, right from their offers, services, customer support to their repayment plans. I had called up only to enquire about their services, but their representative actually helped me not only understand their services but also helped me compare their offers with their competitors.

Augusta, Georgia
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I discovered my ideal mortgage lender through LendingTree. In the future, I’ll turn to them first before seeking out lenders on my own. It’s a fantastic platform to shop around, compare rates, and connect with potential lenders. All the companies I dealt with were reputable and highly rated. Two of them even reached out to me within hours to kickstart the preapproval process.

San Jose, California
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After submitting a mortgage inquiry on Lending Tree for a personal loan, I quickly received calls from lenders, and the process was smooth. The customer executives who got in touch with me, carefully listened to my needs, promptly started my application, and delivered as promised. They stayed accessible and proactive throughout, making the process stress-free.

Salem, Oregon